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British Airways will make you miss your mother

August 31, 2013 at 6:04 by Jeremy Comments

British Airways launched an online video encouraging families to reconnect. Published last month, it aim is to help promote flight services that connect North America with India. The long form content tells the story of a mother in India detailing the pain of separation that has been caused by not seeing her son for since he was 17. [Warning: tissues may be required.]

Called Visit Mum, this claims to be first in a series of executions targeting people that are separated by distance from their relatives. With the emotional role that air travel can play in connecting families in modern times, it feels like a rich territory.

I am surprised that this film has not had more attention. The debate about pure digital vs content and film is still alive but British Airways gives us a little hope: that the best advertising is digital. And the best marketing tells powerful stories. After-all, this is content worth watching and more often then not, on a digital screen.

More supporting content from the campaign is distributed across British Airways social channels and their website.


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