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Snickers - don’t stop

February 26, 2007 at 5:32 by Mark Comments

Check out this cool new commercial for Snickers in the United Arab Emirates. It’s from Impact BBDO and directed by Joeri Holsheimer from Czarevich. The local theme Don’t Stop is worked out with red and green traffic-light images that hit on eachother. The TV version can be found here, while the exclusive directors cut can be seen below.

7 Responses to Snickers - don’t stop

  1. Dubai_Dijdr says:

    COOOOOOLLL!!!, little behind the scenes article

  2. John Smith says:

    It figures that advertisers would use an arab’s main emotional appeal to reach them. VIOLENCE!

  3. soeren schmidt says:

    what a great film!
    many thanks to the production company:

  4. Alex Ayala says:

    Awsomely great!

  5. simon says:

    Yeah really cool to work on! was great to kick my colleagues butt or get kicked in the mocap studio! (-;

  6. Asif says:

    brilliant idea… very catchy track to go with.

  7. Abood says:

    do anyone have an idea about the name of song in the advertise

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