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Historical cyber riot around HD DVD key

May 3, 2007 at 10:43 by Mark Comments

You must have noticed some of the buzz around the leaked and widely distributed secret HD DVD key. This string of 32 digits and letters in a specialized counting system is used by the technology and movie industries to prevent piracy of high-definition movies. Someone found and posted the key on and, together with thousands of internet users, caused a worldwide internet riot. A huge moment in internet history, if you ask me. BBC, CNN, ABC and NYTimes covered the story and started discussions about user generated content, copyrights and online riots. Meanwhile, nobody couldn’t prevent that the code is still outhere. Everywhere.

Read further on BoingBoing for great coverage.

4 Responses to Historical cyber riot around HD DVD key

  1. Odrakir says:

    First three links show a “Page not Found” site.
    mmmm…. ┬┐conspiracy?

  2. Marcelo says:

    what amazes me is that companies and lawyers are still thinking they can win this war against the users…
    Things have changed and people, for the most part, see the majority of internet content as public domain… This is not ever going to change, so these companies better learn how to make money doing other things rather than restricting content…
    One good example is ADCritic… I subscribe to the letter, but to read and see the work they post, I have to pay $200/year…
    I just search for the name of the campaign and find it elsewhere… it’s common practice…
    These companies have to learn how to live in the digital world in this 21st century… otherwise more and more riots like this will keep happening…

  3. rocco says:

    thanks, definitely a conspiracy :) now fixed.

  4. Marketrix says:

    Great oportunity ad!

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