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Crazy Norwegian food campaign

September 12, 2007 at 5:29 by Martina Comments

This is a crazy food related website, coming from Norway. I found it on Reklam Feber, I didn’t understand a word, but I watched it for two minutes and it made me laugh a lot.
The site has a video featuring a sort of super hero who explains the qualities of a new series of product with less sugar and less fats, plus there is a simple advergame to play. Nothing special nor particularly innovative, I would say, but the whole thing is amusing, and I think it works pretty well in generating awareness on a packaged food (not the easiest product to make appealing).
Is therefore branded entertainment the best way to go to promote food and CPG?

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2 Responses to Crazy Norwegian food campaign

  1. Kurre says:

    And he asks if we want to look as healthy as he does! HAHAHA!

  2. Machismo says:

    Can anyone translate exactly what he says in the whole movie.
    The whole this is extremely amusing. I’d love to know what he says.

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