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Can you Fifa 08?

October 3, 2007 at 6:56 by Martina Comments

EA Sports has launched a mini-site to promote the 2008 edition of the videogame Fifa. Can you Fifa 08? features a series of videos in which popular players like Ronaldinho, Ramos and Rooney are challenged to imitate themselves and replicate on improvised pitches the tricks they perform in the videogame.
The site has a good interface and an interesting map that allows visitors to navigate through key moments of the video. Unfortunately the overall Fifa experience is not as smooth as it might have been. Can you Fifa 08? only features the campaign videos, to find out more about the game you have to migrate to another site, much more traditional and, I’m sorry, “boring”. It would have been great to see the campaign concept exploited to a deeper and more integrated level.

One Response to Can you Fifa 08?

  1. cgedas says:

    Yes, and if I’m right, nothing has been changed for more than two weeks now in However, EA sports has problems not only with the compaign…

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