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Science Museum, edutainment 2.0

October 19, 2007 at 11:36 by Martina Comments

From the UK, an interesting example of online marketing used to drive teens to a museum. Created by Preloaded, the site supports the opening of the LaunchPad gallery at London’s Science Museum in November.


It consists of a series of advergames with the aim of teaching people of all ages about all matters relating to physics. More or less it’s a “learning by doing” method.


The games are challenging to play, and this makes the experience fun and rather addictive. Plus there is also a “viral” side of the project: you can create your own physics-based challenges and share them with your friends.
Isn’t this edutainment 2.0? ;-)

One Response to Science Museum, edutainment 2.0

  1. May be it isn’t. It looks much more like – as you pointed out – a form of advertaitment rather then edutainment. I’d better consider as edutaitment game s made for other means than promotion.
    One of the best examples I’ve recently seen is “Get Marketing” done by the scottish marketing association. Hope you’ll like it and consider again the differences between edutainment and eadvertainment.
    Pier Luca Santoro

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