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Hyundai, think about it

January 6, 2008 at 12:44 by Martina Comments

I’m not sure since when this website is live, but it delivers an immersive interactive experience (around Hyundai), so I post it anyway, even if I realize the Think About It campaign actually started last September.
The site is rather heavy (so you’ll better shut down all other browser windows while you experience it) but offers a lot of content to discover, watch and interact with.


If you look at the menu of the bottom you will be able to preview the kind of experience you will get from each element of the site. One of my favourite is surely “Save the egg” where you are challenged to build a safety system to protect an egg that is falling from the sky.


It is definitely a very rich site, that does a great work for a brand like Hyundai, usually considered rather “cheap” (in all senses) and not particularly cool. Of course, the product shall be at the same level of the communication, but I think the Think About It interactive part might change your perception of the Korean auto-maker.


The agencies behind the site are Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Perfect Fools and Transistor Studios.

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