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Domino’s Pizza Builder

January 16, 2008 at 9:33 by Martina Comments

In the US, Crispin Porter + Bogusky has recently created a “pizza builder” for Domino’s pizza. Being Italian, I’m extremely conservative when it comes to pizza, since I believe the best is the simplest you can have (just mozzarella and tomato). I started looking at the “tool” with curiosity (and a touch of horror)…


The experience is rich and quite amusing, especially if in the past you used to play Pizza Tycoon :-) but the great thing is that once you’re done with your creativity, you can actually place the order and receive at home your “personalized” pizza in just half an hour!


3 Responses to Domino’s Pizza Builder

  1. Claudio Bontempi says:

    Very cool!!!
    As you, I’m Italian and I wouldn’t eat such a kind of pizza, but americans love it!
    But that’s it, the marketing idea is very effective, if we think to the target the service is directed to, and the site is very well built up…
    very clear and “catching” call to actions, what do you think?

  2. Gordon says:

    Excellent site and marketing, the best pizza delivery service site I’ve seen so far. And sure, you are both right, there’s nothing like Italian pizza (even I as a German living in France can confirm that:-)) which is something entirely different from this fast food pizza that has been adopted and “localised” in many many countries. Not the same product.

  3. chiara says:

    I love Crispin Porter+Bogusy and I think 99% of their campaigns are pure entertainment. Well, I’m also Italian and a spoiled pizza eater, but this toy-site is so amusing that I have to confess I’m about to order my newly created pizza.
    Thanks for your inspiring posts!!

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