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In an Absolut world

March 16, 2008 at 10:53 by Martina Comments

How does your Absolut world look like? Whatever your vision is, there is room for it in an Absolut World. The vodka brand loves visions so much that it turned them into reality, creating a curious website with the help of Great Works and freelance interactive designer Carlos Ulloa.


The online experience begins with a series of visions Absolut has collected getting in touch with artists, writers and actors from around the world. Then, of course, you can submit your own vision and become part of the Absolut world yourself.


Althought I had a bit of a dejavu browsing through the site, as the idea of sharing a vision is not that original, I think the execution makes the differences and leaves us with a website worth exploring and even participating into.


The site has been developed in four months, using Flash and the Papervision 3D technology that is becoming so popular lately. As Carlos Ulloa explains on his own blog, the work isn’t finished yet, and they will be adding new functionalities soon.

One Response to In an Absolut world

  1. Carlos Ulloa says:

    I’m glad you found the site interesting. Great post. BTW, my name is Ulloa not Sulloa. Thanks.

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