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Taste a different Fanta

March 26, 2008 at 9:27 by Martina Comments

I guess this Fanta website is out in the UK since quite some time, but I found it out only today, after reading on NMA about a mobile on-pack promotion the soft drink brand is about to begin.


I’m not very familiar with the Fanta brand (I don’t even drink it to be totally sincere) but I must say I really like the new characters they are using in their communication in Europe. Todd, Marv, Winnie and their friends are really cute and the experience designed around them is simple yet consistent and effective.

On the website there are a series of videos to watch (most of them have been part of a TV campaign run last year) plus there are two advergames to try out.


Fantarize the World is my favourite, I like the concept and the variety of the gameplay even if the playability is quite low.


The French website is also worth having a look.


I believe the agency behind everything is AKQA (at least in the UK).

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4 Responses to Taste a different Fanta

  1. Yes, AKQA in the UK developed this site. Irish Digital Agency Cybercom created this Bebo Profile:

  2. deacon says:

    The characters are based on tv spots done at Ogilvy NY with Psyop.

  3. Kirk says:

    I have done the first level on Fantarise the World (with help about the feather) but I’m struggling on this next level about a dog? What do I do? How I find the solution? It’s doing my head in. I found this site today after buying some Fanta and reading about their promo starting on 1st April regarding “Want it win it!”

  4. dominique says:

    I love this website for the UK. I think this is a great way to get the brand popular, everyone likes these crazy characters!

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