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Adidas Celebrates Originality. Or maybe not…

April 8, 2008 at 6:19 by Martina Comments

Onitsuka Tiger made them OF Japan, Adidas made them FOR Japan. There is a subtle difference in the copy (and maybe even in the concepts) of the two footwear brands presenting their collections to the Asian and International market.


It makes me smile a bit the idea that the second comer, Adidas, celebrates its originality with a campaign that, in my opinion, is not very original. However, if we pass over this “detail”, we can get some food for thought (aka inspiration) out of the Japanese Celebrate Originality website.


First of all, it’s simple, but very nicely done. I like the intro with Adi shoes walking around the page and leaving footmarks on the background, and I product section featuring incredible details of the shoes.


But I especially like the Celebrate Originality section that allows users to upload their photo on the site using a camera phone and taking advantage of QR codes. It looks like quite a lot of people have already uploaded a picture of themselves on the site and it’s great to see the pages refreshes automatically every ten seconds or so to show you all the faces of the endorsers that are already there.

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