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Axe Full Moon Party

April 27, 2008 at 2:47 by Martina Comments

From Japan, a new chapter in the Axe saga. It’s now time for the Axe Full Moon Party, with a sexy Thunderbird look-alike trying to seduce the girls on the beach.


Once again, given the language gap, I’m not able to tell you much about the campaign… As usual, it would be great if someone who speaks Japanese could leave a comment to explain what is going on. The whole thing looks quite weird and different, therefore it’s very appealing for us curious interactive marketers.


I like the fact that this campaign doesn’t present an ideal beauty, showing beautiful models and a sexy boy. Instead, you have puppets whose sex appeal is of course granted by the fragrance.

As usual in Japan mobile plays an important role, with Qtags placed on the site to access additional content.


Digging a bit on Youtube I found also a TV spot.

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