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Wonderbra: D to G Mosaic

August 17, 2008 at 6:37 by Martina Comments

The latest Wonderbra outdoor campaign is all about user generated content. Conceived like a mosaic made of about 8000 images of women in their bras, the creativity forms the image of a close up shot of the bust of Wonderbra model Katie Green.


The underwear brand has also launched a website that is the interactive version of the outdoor and gives space to all the girls who submitted their photos to become part of the big shooting for the campaign.

There is nothing really new in this campaign, but it’s still interesting to look at it because of the mix of media used to activate and engage the young consumers. In the end, consumers don’t know (and/or maybe don’t care) if this has been done before (by Lee for example), what counts is that thousands of girls sent their photos and wanted to be part of this.


3 Responses to Wonderbra: D to G Mosaic

  1. Alper says:

    Very cool idea and a great way to present it. But the thing I like the most is the title: D to G – Because we’re more than a handful *hahaha* :-) )

  2. David says:

    For the reveal, Wonderbra did an outdoor event in the front of the billboard :
    Article on the teasing : (french version)

  3. q says:

    Pretty old concept, look at the Miller ‘My Glasgow’ campaign, over a year old, where a photography competition formed the basis of a photographic mosaic, of which the winner’s photograph was composed of thousands of the entries… which was also a billboard in Glasgow.
    But agree, the end result is nice and people generally don’t care that its not ‘new’, they just want to be a part of it.

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