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Kit Kat Chunga

September 9, 2008 at 5:30 by Laurent Comments

Laaaaadies & gentlemen, please welcome from Australia, the king of Chunga: Hans Fagerlund!


Ok… What is Chunga? : an eatable and sugared version of Jenga a classic ability game, where you need to remove then stack blocks from a tower without ruining everything. And who is Hans? Hans is the undefeated legend of Chunga of course… Both are born from JWT Sydney and RMG Connect imagination to promote online the launch of a new Kit Kat : Cookies & Cream.
The site sticks to the product promise, it’s very rich! You will find many more videos on Youtube, a blog, facebook, myspace, msn contents, goodies, podcasts etc … and an advergame which is part of a contest.


The advergame is simple but very well executed. You can face “CPU” Hans, or you can compete online against other players. As you would have noticed since the beginning, it is all about absurd and fun. The fictional character is clearly inspired by Jack Black, and the fake sport environment would remind you of Will Ferrell.
It certainly speaks to the teenage target. I don’t know about the media campaign, and I don’t know if they will manage to engage their audience to a point where teens would watch the entire video material. It’s 5 videos of an average length of 1:30 each.
But I would say the agencieswould deserve it, as they really created original content!
Yes, I must confess (despite my age …), I like these kinds of stupid little jokes. Ok I’m not saying it’s the Monty Pythons level … but that is a good effort.

One can regret you can’t access Hans profile on Facebook without becoming a friend, but can be impressed by the 3D advergame working on the social plateform. To finish, I would give a special mention to the loading bar! Some will say all this is a little bit too much, too academic, fakely twisted and finally too clean. Others will appreciate a good exercise for a FMCG product. I’m part of them.

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