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Donate a meal

March 21, 2009 at 10:38 by Martina comments

In Germany the Dusseldorfer Kindertafel has launched an outstanding interactive project to raise funds and buy meals for over 16000 poor children living in the city.

On the website you meet a line of kids who look at you with an empty dish in their hands. You can donate food by clicking on the dishes around them. And when you are done with you donation you checkout and have the possibility to leave a message to the world written on a decorated dish.

I have contrasting feelings on this project. On one way I love the idea of exploiting the digital media at its best to drive awareness on social issues and even directly collect donations. On the other side I don’t like the idea of staging kids like that. Of course with those images you can deliver a much stronger message, but we are still talking about exploiting children for marketing purposes, even if it is charity.

Anyway I strongly suggest you to have a look at the website and not only play with it, but enjoy the experience at full by donating at the end.
The agency is Ogilvy & Mather Dusseldorf.
via Cpluv

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