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Marcolini, the Web is not enough

April 27, 2009 at 9:49 by Martina Comments

If you love chocolate, you should have a look at Pierre Marcolini’s new website. In my opinion, it’s a clear example of how difficult it is to create an online experience around food.


Great photographs and few words make the difference. But in this case I don’t feel completely satisfied. The pleasure of a real piece of chocolate is just impossible to reproduce digitally.



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6 Responses to Marcolini, the Web is not enough

  1. Christian says:

    Hey Martina,
    actually we spent a whole time developing a new tech that does reproduce digitally the pleasure of chocolate. You just have to lick your screen to experience it.

  2. Buzzing Bees says:

    I went on the old Marcolini website just a week ago and thought: “Damn, those people really need a new website!”. And bam, here it is on Adverblog! Great work, and tasty too. Do you know who did it?

  3. Femke says:

    Design is great! But I agree there could be sth more to it than just exposing the chocolates that are sold. Isn t chocolate the ultimate food that is closely related to joy and pleasure and open to create the ultimate online experience?

  4. R Lee says:

    The food looks alien rather than appetising. It,s shot too close, and looks like rocks from Mars rather than something I would want to eat.

  5. z says:

    Design is def great! Somple, easy to navigat etc.
    I didn’t really like the feel of the pictures though, I mean those pictures of chocolate are a little bit weird I guess, would you agree? i mean it doesn’t make me wanna eat them at all, they look like weird shape rocks covered with brown plastic or cinnamon.
    I mean besides that, if not digital, which media would be better to create food experience? Any suggestions?
    I don’t understand the point of this post. Sorry.

  6. Martina says:

    Hey Z thanks for commenting.
    Actually I’m not saying digital isn’t the media for food experience, I’m just pointing out it is really challenging to create a cool online experience around food.

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