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Running with James Jarvis

April 27, 2009 at 7:43 by Martina Comments

I’m a huge fan of James Jarvis toys. So I can’t help loving the short animated video he created for Nike (yes, this is another reason why I like it :-)

Interesting to point out how limited the presence of the brand is. Just a tiny note at the end of the credits. No swoosh, no URLs, nothing. Great job

3 Responses to Running with James Jarvis

  1. m2 says:

    Ahhh. It is said there a three different feelings when experiencing great work depending on the quality of the work.
    1) jealousy: “ohhh man, i wish i had done that”
    2) admiration: “wow what a great job”
    3) humbleness: “…”
    … and it’s always great to be reminded that designers can make the world a much nicer place.

  2. R Calvanico says:

    Yes, it’s very nice.
    Where is the value for Nike?

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