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The Web thinks “green”

June 10, 2009 at 6:58 by Martina Comments

A few days ago, I posted about the Power to Change project launched by HP to remind people to switch the computer off every night in order to save power. Looks like HP is not the only one at the moment to drive awareness around the waste of energy.


Greenpeace, for example, has recently launched the Black Pixel Project, created by Almap BBDO. It’s a small application you install on your computer in order to open a small black pixel on top of all your windows. The pixel can be moved all around the screen, its size stays the same, and it provides you with info on the amount of power currently being saved thanks to the Black Pixel itself.


The other project I’d like to share with you was also launched by a Brazilian agency, DM9DDB, to “celebrate” the World Environment Day (June 5) and incentivate clients as well as agency employees to go to work by bike instead of using the car. The project was called O9 and was supported by a small yet useful (and beautiful) website with all the info on the benefits (for the planet) of alternative transportation means.


Kudos to DM9DDB for the idea of getting directly involved in an initiative to save the planet.

2 Responses to The Web thinks “green”

  1. I don’t think the Maths was done by an Electronic Engineer. This doesn’t apply to LCD is that use a constant backlight and filter out/block colour.
    Even with CRT’s the divide number of pixels/per monitor wattage and thats what you save per pixel is a flawed principle too.
    It might actually be effective on plasmas or OLED displays, however these are not commonly used for computing functions (apart from OLED mobile devices).
    In my opinion a complete waste of an ad campaign, it might make people think they are helping but thats about it.
    Nice job BBDO!
    Also see Googles opinion on Blackle

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