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The Swedish Army according to North Kingdom

June 14, 2009 at 9:48 by Martina Comments

Are you ready to join the Swedish Army? And even if you are, are you good enough to pass the test? If you have enough time to wait for the site to load, make sure to check it out.


The experience is as impressive as scary. The mood is a mix of underground and KGB. The art direction and the attention to detail is simply fantastic. The test are challenging and entertaining. This website is simply more than a website, it’s an interactive movie.

Just press start and let it go, where to click is pretty intuitive (giving the right answers is another story though :-) . Yes, would be better to understand Swedish to fully enjoy the journey, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate the come back of North Kingdom anyway.


via Webbsverige.

4 Responses to The Swedish Army according to North Kingdom

  1. Jack Zufelt says:

    Nice layout. Love the darkness of it all.

  2. Johnny says:

    It’s made by DDB Stockholm and North Kingdom

  3. John Major says:

    Holy cow. That is some impressive stuff.

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