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AR: scratch like a (virtual) DJ

August 3, 2009 at 6:39 by Martina Comments

Another post about augmented reality: the benchmark in terms of quality of execution and concept still remains AKQA’s Priority Email, but this Wrigley’s website is worth having a look, as it introduces additional elements of interactivity.


Basically the 5 Mixer allows you to scratch like a DJ 5 QR codes symbols in front of your webcam in order to create your club music mix. As explained by Augmented Times, there are three markers representing gum flavors, each linked to a certain track, and one master marker to rule them all. The markers’ distance from the master marker and their relative angles determine the volume and effects for each track.

The whole thing in the explanation video doesn’t look very smooth, but still I think the idea is good because it tries to use AR in a more interactive and engaging way. We are getting tired of 3d product display, it’s time to get some fun with this technology, and Wrigley definitely attempts to move in this direction.


One thing I’m pretty curious about: how do the five markers get distributed? I hope and guess you can find them in the gum package. If not I see this as quite demanding application for users. It might require too much effort to play, and I’m not sure whether it is worth the hassle. A good reminder for all of us: make things easy (and engaging/useful of coruse) for the consumer if you want him/her to interact with your application.

3 Responses to AR: scratch like a (virtual) DJ

  1. rouli says:

    Thanks for the link!
    As for the markers – you can print them from the site itself (there’s an option to do so just prior to starting the application).

  2. Augmentalist says:

    Wrigley have pushed things here, its not just another look at this application, i had a go and you print the markers from the site, yes its more involved – u actually have to cut the 4 markers out!
    But in times where we get augmented magic hats from proctor and gamble! I think Wrigley should be commended- if you dont want to get involved play with the magic hat- but to be able to interact and make your own augmented reality video and music mix to me is a step in the right direction

  3. Bailey says:

    Second Life called, they want their bogus hype back.

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