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Red Bull soap boxes Vs Rexona trolleys

August 11, 2009 at 6:00 by Laurent Comments

Guess what … Some other racing games ! But this time you don’t drive usual cars.
In the Red Bull one, you drive a soap box.


This site is pretty nice and the 3D environment is very well produced. The visuals and the all atmosphere really remind me of Little Big Planet ones. You can build your own soap box, your own track, customize your avatar, and compete against others. The game is to promote the soap box races that Red Bull is running across Europe.

In Brazil, Rexona Men makes you drive a trolley.
The game is also using good 3D technology. The site is quite dark I would say. But what I found mainly interesting is its promotion, via “racing” banners that involve blogs in a competition. And so their audience. Every time someone clicks, the count is updated automatically, and his vote give the blog a chance to win the virtual race, and then participate to the real one in the streets of Sao Paulo.


You can check it out at Brainstorm9

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