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The History of Sharing the Passion

August 24, 2009 at 9:43 by Martina Comments

Panasonic isn’t the kind of brand I usually like. I mean I find it rather old and not so cool, but this time they managed to surprise me with a nice digital project, probably a bit nostalgic (like the brand itself) but still pretty inspiring. The History of Sharing the Passion is a video website which takes us through twenty years of Olympic Games sponsored by Panasonic.


Starting from Calgary back in 1988 you can re-live some of the moments of the opening cerimonies experiencing at the same time the Panasonic technology that made the broadcast possible back at the time.

It’s amusing to remember how Tv-set and videocameras looked like in the past twenty years, and it’s nice to travel back in time for a few minutes.


As I said maybe the experience is a bit nostalgic and too self-referential but, you know, I’m a romantic woman, I like (the rare) digital projects that are able to generate emotions :-)


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