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Paul Smith and Evian more than a bottle

September 26, 2009 at 12:42 by Martina Comments

Looks like some brands in fashion and luxury are eventually getting the new marketing model right. Some time ago we saw the simple and beautiful Louis Vuitton book trailer. Now it’s the time of Paul Smith designing a bottle for Evian. This kind of co-lab of course doesn’t sound neither new nor original. What is new and positive is instead the video created to present the project on the Web.

A bit of backstage, some insights from Mr Paul Smith (who is a very nice guy) and a smart PR seeding on a website like HypeBeast. At the end, even if the video will get only 50000 views, I would say the job is well anyway done because the viewers are so much in target, probably influencers or cool people wanna be. Forget immediate ROI, an online video is not the way to get it. Think long term and think about the importance of nurturing your brand appeal day by day with small but important actions.
Last but not least, take a note of what Paul Smith says at the end of the video: “Life is about living young, being useful and enjoy yourself every day“. A quote to remember not only for individuals, but also for brands.

One Response to Paul Smith and Evian more than a bottle

  1. Olivier says:

    Paul Smith is great, thanks for posting this !

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