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Jordan M6 video experience

November 5, 2009 at 10:13 by Martina Comments

I love the multimedia journey that my colleagues and Nike/Jordan created for the launch of the M6 model. I like it because it has a rather fresh approach with video product storytelling divided in small but effective pills.


It’s a walk through the inspiration, the design process and Carmelo Anthony’s feedback to the product. Very insightful and very “intimate” and therefore pretty authentic.

The website remembered me that we often try to say too much about a product, either in text or in video or through interactivity. In this case a few words and a few great images say it all and deliver a great brand experience.


But there are also two other aspects to point out: first of all the seemless integration of product, athlete and commerce. On every page of the website you always find a direct link not only to but also to wholesale online retailers, a fact that is quite unusual yet interesting


The other detail to look at is definitely more for visual geeks… look at the interface. Love the menu that, among the features, also offers the opportunity to change the overlay patter, the volume and the brightness (!!) of the video.


Don’t know the agency, would be great if someone could leave a comment with the reference. Thanks!

4 Responses to Jordan M6 video experience

  1. rob ford says:

    Hey Martina, agency is

  2. The seamless integration of the websites always linking back to is a small and subtle touch that really pulls possible customers in without even knowing it

  3. paul jason says:

    Lovely art direction

  4. Morgan says:

    They did a good job highlighting not only the features, but the benefits of this product. The shoe and it’s design are explained in the videos, but you can also view the same information in the Features menu. They made it very easy to find information. Every aspect of the website seems to portray the same feel and personality of the product, like the interactive, high tech feel of the site and the high tech design of the shoe.

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