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Give it a ponder

January 6, 2010 at 1:55 by Martina Comments

More or less one month ago, LG has launched a website to teach consumers the importance of pondering before texting. Bullying and harassment on the mobile are problems communities can no longer afford to ignore, therefore I really like the brand committement in doing something socially relevant and useful. It’s kind of rare and therefore even more appreciated.


But I also like it because they used the website as a gateway to content on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia. It’s a smart way of spending less in building the site, but it is also a smart way to connect directly to the environments where consumers are more used to spend their time and interact with.


Last but not least, content is relevant and amusing. And this surely the thing that matters more to the final consumer :-)

The agency is Young & Rubicam.
via Adfreak.

One Response to Give it a ponder

  1. JessicaWDFA says:

    I totally agree with your comments on social responsibility. and these videos (which i love) has a grassroots feel to them, which a lot of younger kids identify with.

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