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The games we play

January 23, 2010 at 10:05 by Martina Comments

The Games We Play is a series of videos recently launched by Puma. It’s an impressive job that combines playful live-action with a fully illustrated set. Puma’s commitment in running, fitness, motorsports and golf is explored and visualized with a touch of colors and sense of humor.

I really look forward to see if there is going to be more around this campaign. Both the idea and the execution are so cool that I wonder how they are going to fully exploit such a creative boost.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this because I work for a competitor (as usual I keep my objective approach to any comment on this blog) I’m curious to see if and how they integrated the great job by Jared Eberhardt with more offline and online initiatives. If it’s just about the videos, I struggle to see how they think they can reach a wider audience than the creative geeks like we are (yes, I include you, dear readers :-) unless they go on TV (and you know how expensive this is still nowadays…).

I strongly recommend you to visit and read their interview with the director, Jared Eberhardt. The article also shows a couple of pictures from the backstage.

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2 Responses to The games we play

  1. noam says:

    i think they are relying on the richness in execution, stimulating the viewer to watch the other versions.
    I agree, it misses a mechanism, or a backstory which connects the four films.
    Road rash anyone?

  2. sarah says:

    I don’t agree, why does there need to be a back story through them all, the backstory is not narrative, its style and culture robbing to make something luscious, which I think the all are. They manage to get the boring “how many shots of the product can we get in in 1 minute” objective and make it work with some surreal and lovely imagery.

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