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Wrangler (almost) did it again

January 31, 2011 at 3:51 by Martina Comments

Wrangler (almost) did it again. The website to present the Spring Summer collection is nice (kind of) interactive movie where you move back and forth in the story by designing fluo lines on the screen with your mouse. I especially love the feature that scratches the screen the more you design lines and the soundtrack.
The big minus of the site is however the lack of deeper product connection. You find the names of the styles but you can’t click to explore (or buy the product), and in 2011 this is a big pity as the experience remains at a top line level that might disappoint the most demanding consumers. I might sound a bit nazi in this, but I strongly believe a good brand experience is no longer enough and you can’t think brand without thinking commerce and viceversa. What do you think??
The agency is Stink Digital.

4 Responses to Wrangler (almost) did it again

  1. Gary says:

    _any idea who’s the band behind this?

  2. Gio says:

    mmhh…this looks too buggy and slow to me, the previous ones made by Kokokaka were much more reactive and the beauty of it was in fact on how quick and responsive the video was to the mouse interaction. I played for a couple of minutes on the old ones but i quit this website few seconds after

  3. DanC says:

    That’s a horrible, impractical, useless site.
    For example, I quite like the jacket the guy is wearing in the opening scene. The text in the bottom right hand corner says its a Drifter jacket.
    Can I find it on the site? No. Can I buy it on the site? No.
    (In fact, can I find Wrangler Drifter Jacket online when I search on Google? No)

  4. Ross says:

    @Gary the music was done by Hear No Evil and Plan 8, it was written for the site.
    It also uses our SoundController
    Hope this helps and glad you like it

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