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Stop the Multiple Sclerosis journey

May 6, 2011 at 10:28 by Mark Comments

Stop the Multiple Sclerosis journey via Lowe Pirella Fronzoni Italy. Support and share the first Url Story ever. This new site is about raising awareness of multiple Sclerosis. You click the right arrow and the story unolfds in the url bar. Must have cost a load in url registrations :) Supposedly a world first! Take a look.

6 Responses to Stop the Multiple Sclerosis journey

  1. _r_i_c_ says:

    Great idea.

  2. Andy Dean says:

    Love it…

  3. romeo says:

    I was entertained by a similar idea using the famous line from taxi driver:
    That was about 2 years ago…

  4. Melac Melav says:

    Vecchio vizio della scuola S&S.
    Anche l’ultimo Young Lions risulta perfettamente copiato da un banner turco fatto (meglio) solo 4 mesi prima e uscito regolarmente su bannerblog.

  5. Nooooo says:

    World first??? ahahah.
    Done by jodi… in 2008!!

  6. Manu Fili says:

    Sorry, is this project made by Lowe Pirella, isn’it? Why did you mention S&S?
    (Scusate, ma non e’ fatto da Lowe Pirella?
    Cosa centra S&S?)

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