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VW GTI Experiment: What does your car make you feel?

May 25, 2011 at 6:34 by Mark Comments

GTI Experiment is an interesting experiment developed by DDB Spain for the new Volkswagen Golf GTI, using some techniques of biosensory measurement with the help of GFK (a scientific research center) and some famous bloggers in Spain so they could tell what do we look and feel when we presented in front of a Golf GTI.

A group and an official fanpage in Facebook deliver the official information, while the hashtag #GolfGTIExperiment stores what people is talking about this different approach of letting people get to know about a new car.

Allegedly, next June 6th is the day where the results will be revealed and also a documentary about the whole process (taking data and how they analyzed them), in some kind of interesting branded-content thing.

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