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Be Vidazzled by Sir John Hegarty

July 3, 2011 at 3:02 by Tim Comments

BBH wanted to give their co-founder Sir John Hegarty‘s talk at Cannes some extra love. So instead of uploading his speech to YouTube and posting it onto their blog, they developed a website called Vidazzl. 

The site enhances watching a video by listening to what is being said and pulling in relevant search results. You as the viewer can decide to add some of these results to your individual timeline (much like commenting on Soundcloud).

Vidazzl by BBH Labs

Vidazzl by BBH Labs

Using Vidazzl makes for an interesting if slightly “split-minds” experience. I found it a lot easier to interact with search results during the music bit at the beginning. The creatives from BBH Labs give some background to the project on their blog. They also promise to turn it into “a platform where anyone can upload a speech and display it in a, well, vidazzled version.” I wonder what happens when you feed it drunken wedding speeches?

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