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Domino’s pizza’s tracker uncensored

July 29, 2011 at 1:59 by Martina Comments

Live tickers in Times Square have become such a decoration and I really wonder if brands use them to (try to) connect with consumers, or rather just to have a review on some industry press running out of cool news. In a Times Square media landscape kind of stagnating, this Domino’s pizza initiative is worth posting, it’s bravery makes it innovative.

Domino’s is running an electronic ticker in Times Square displaying in real-time consumer reviews of pizzas being delivered around the country. Comments are almost uncensored, meaning that they filter bad language but not bad reviews.

The commercial below explains how the project works. And you can watch the live streaming of the tracker on Domino’s website.

I find it a pretty cool and groundbreaking initiative. For sure after last year’s scandal Domino’s needs to regain consumers trust, and this idea fits perfectly the need. I wonder if more brands will follow the example and decide to broadcast and share unfiltered consumer comments. What do you think? Can live tickers in Times Square still be innovative?

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