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Mobile app harnesses positive peer pressure to stop your friends smoking

August 30, 2011 at 3:32 by Mark Comments

Remember the peer pressure at school to wear the right clothes, be seen with the right people and that it was cool to smoke? Students at the The Miami Ad School have created a mobile app to challenge that negative peer pressure and instead turn it around and use it to encourage smokers to quit.

The app experience begins by asking friends to show how serious they are to the cause and put some money where their mouth is whilst also stating a quit date. This in itself makes sure that A) the friends are on the smokers back and B) that there is a financial incentive to do so and an added sense of guilt from the smoker. The app then make sure it offers encouragement and support along the way, aswell as being a social tracker of progress.

What’s clever about it is that if the smoker quits then all the friends get their money back, if not then its donated to the Cancer Society!

Via AdZag


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