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Sexy Sexy Sexy Fingers

August 30, 2011 at 11:23 by Tim Comments

I thought I better make it absolutely clear in the title, this is R-rated interactive. With this piece JWT Paris confirms our preconception that the French are a sexy bunch. In the name of AIDS prevention you are enticed to let your finger explore and fool around.

Create music by tugging on nipples, fondling crotches, squeezing a breast or slapping some tight buttocks. Play around Sexy Fingers and tell me which one is your favourite. Mine? Probably the rhythm section consisting of the double boob clap. Oh, and the main point of all this is that it only takes pricking your finger (for a blood sample) to take the crucial test.

Sexy Fingers also has a YouTube channel where more great videos await you. Download the French noveau disco track and if you are experienced (or slightly obsessed), grab hold of the Android app. This one lets you tickle your touch screen whenever it takes your fancy.

Related work that springs to mind is Cock-a-doodle by Poke.

And who would forget TBWA Paris’s brilliant animation of naughty toilet graffiti?

Agency: JWT Paris

via The FWA

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