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The Ariel Fashion Shoot

September 13, 2011 at 5:30 by Martina Comments

Aim, stain, win. Three words to define this amusing interactive ambient campaign by Ariel, not exactly the coolest brand on earth, but surely among the uncool brands that do a great work with unconventional marketing ideas to attract consumers’ attention. This campaign comes from Sweden and was executed in downtown Stockholm at the Central train station just a few weeks ago. The idea is pretty cool, it’s an advergame with targets & effects in the real world.

On Facebook people can play a basic shooter game where the actually control a giant robot that shoots stains (with ketchup, chocolate etc) at a conveyor belt of high end designer clothing inside a giant glass tube constructed in the station. If the player shoot and hit/stain a piece of clothing it then gets washed with Ariel in front of the camera and the clean garment is then sent out to the winner. Pretty cool!

The making-of gives you a good overview of how the campaign was executed.

The agency is Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm.

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