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Twittercasting: football, tweets & infographics

September 23, 2011 at 10:39 by Martina Comments

Watching football on TV is no longer just an experience to enjoy with the friends that are physically in the same room or bar as you are. Over the last year or so Facebook, but most of all Twitter, have added a new dimension to live sports. I don’t know if I can dare calling it “Twittercasting” but the number of people who watch a game on TV and share comments and feelings about it with the rest of the world via Twitter is growing and growing.

Powerade took advantage of this powerful combo adding an additional layer that a lot of people like nowadays: infographics. So during the recent Copa America they created a microsite on which every tweet about every game was aggregated and compiled into an interactive infographic style interface. The video case study is pretty sweet and definitely shows the strong connection between tweets and actions on pitch.

Honestly, what I kind of miss is the connection between Powerade and the game (beyond the fact that they sponsor the event). Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great campaign, so maybe I just miss a nice copy line that explains consumers why a brand like Powerade is playing with tweets & data.

via Simply Zeisty

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