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Sound of Football

November 2, 2011 at 2:04 by Mark Comments

Åkestam Holst and Society 46 created “The Sound of Football” to give visually impaired people a better football experience and maybe, in the future, create new aides that enable you to “see” with sound. As a first test, they arranged a football match between a team of visually impaired players and a team of former professional footballers. They wanted to see how they would perform under equal conditions – in a match where no one can see.

They used tracking technology, the same used at the latest FIFA World Cup. Through the system they can get the position of each player in real time on the football pitch. This information is then fed into an iPhone located on each player’s head and converted into binaural 3D sound. They created sounds for things important on the pitch like the nearest players, the ball and the goals. Through headphones each player can hear what is happening and get a sense of distance between things. And the sensors in the iPhone allow players to locate where the sounds come from when they move their head.

Project name: The Sound Of Football

Client: Pepsico/Carlsberg Sweden
Agency: Ă…kestam Holst
Production Company: Society 46
PR Agency: Prime PR

Complete credits:
Pepsico/Carlsberg Sweden
Ellinor Johansson, Tomas Adolfsson, Christel von Schantz, Henric Byström, Sofia Gullholm

Ă…kestam Holst
Creative Director: Martin Cedergren
Art Director: Björn Kusa
Copywriter: Patrick Dry
Executive Digital Producer: Alex Picha
Account Executive: Thomas Gibson
Executive Account Director: Kjell MĂĄnsson

Society 46
Creative Director: Kalle Thyselius
Creative Technologist: Ellen Sundh
Film Director: Henrik Gyllenskiöld
Sound: Jon Pontén
Motion Artists: Robin Lantz, Fredrik Forrest
Design: Christoffer Ă–berg-Runfors
Developer: Jonas Stattin
Production Assistant: Marcin Tallmarken
Producer: Kristina Nilsson
Executive Producer: Karl Rosander

3D Sound Production: The Line
3D Camera Technology: Tracab

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