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Droga5 goes to war in Iraq

December 8, 2011 at 2:38 by Tim Comments

What’s more real than today’s realistic looking war games? Real war of course. Turtle Beach, maker of gaming audio gear like headsets, teamed up with agency Droga5 New Zealand to explore this premise. They sent an experienced Kiwi gamer (not a soldier) to a real war zone: Iraq.

Episodes will be launched on YouTube, with no interactive component (like shooting real people) as far as I can tell. This project is already triggering a heated debate about its morality. Is it ‘leveraging a real-life tragedy for commercial gain’ or simply a logical extension of what war-gamers seek out anyway: the thrill and total immersion in life-threatening situations? What do you think?

Agency: Droga5 NZ
Brand: Turtle Beach NZ

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