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Psychic T-shirts by Mother

December 13, 2011 at 2:56 by Tim Comments

Let Mother tell your fortune. After all she knows best. Or in this case, it is the agency Mother that is selling ‘Psychic T-shirts’. 100 T-shirts have passed through the hands of psychic Lucinda Clare, who counts the police as well as the mob as former employers. An ad agency seems the logical conclusion.

Lucinda’s predictions have been printed on the 100 blank T-shirts, each one a bargain at £100. Pick a number on their website and you’ll receive a Psychic Shirt of unknown colour or size (unless you yourself are a psychic and can foresee that). But don’t worry, instead of a natty Creative Director paying his dealer, all of the proceeds will be donated to Age UK, the UK’s largest charity for elderly people.

Here are shots from the shirts plus the reading on a DVD (no telepathy yet).

Agency: Mother

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