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Cadbury Creame Egg Goos

March 8, 2012 at 2:03 by Tim Comments

Cadbury Creme Egg wants the Irish to help blow up big versions of their ‘Runny Egg’ this Easter. According to Cadbury, the more online support is received the more excited the Creme Egg will become, “culminating in a daily egg-splosion of Goo broadcast live through a designated Facebook app”.

Tweet with the hastag #tweet2goo or enter via the designated app on the Cadbury Ireland Facebook page. The egg itself will travel to different locations each day to garner public support before ‘egg-sploding’ live on and off air.

OK, I had imagined the explosion to be a bit more spectacular , hitting the windows and stuff. But users will go into a draw to win Olympic tickets, non-explosive ones but covered it goo, we might expect.

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