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Playstation Metro domination

March 8, 2012 at 10:03 by Martina Comments

Let’s talk media for once. For the launch of the new Playstation Vita portable gaming device TBWA Brussels created an impressive metro domination, transforming the Louise station in the Belgian capital into a football stadium with grass, dug-outs, a euphoric coach and a complete soccer team. The initiative is part of the “The World is in Play” campaign and the creative execution seems to have engaged and amused people quite a lot. However, in my opinion, media is the most interesting aspect of this activation.

This is a great example of thinking outside of the box – or better, to accept thinking outside of the box – for media owners (and media agencies…), honestly not something that happens very often… yet. I would be curious to ask you if you’ve ever had similar ideas in terms of ambient take-over that got rejected by the media owners. Personally, in my past experience working in Italy, I can guarantee an idea like this would have been Mission Impossible!

A similar idea in a subway, in terms of media impact, was last year’s Boardwalk Empire’s take-over of a NYC subway train. Read more about it in our post.

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