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IKEA’s iPad friendly gloves

March 11, 2012 at 4:46 by Martina Comments

In winter Norway is freezing, and the weather makes it impossible to use iPad outdoors, as you cannot make the touchscreen work with gloves. In such situation, SMFB came up with a brilliant idea to launch and seed IKEA’s new catalog for iPad. The agency created and distributed a special sewing kit, called “Beröra” (which means “to touch”) that in pure IKEA style enabled Norwegians to customize their mittens and make them iPad-friendly.

The initiative generated a lot of buzz and the 12,000 IKEA’s sewing kits were distributed for free in just two weeks. More importantly, the campaign got a lot of attention also on the iPad catalogue which became the most downloaded free app in Norway’s App Store and the most downloaded IKEA-catalogue per capita in the world.

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