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Can you index the way people think? The New Thinkers Index does just that.

March 20, 2012 at 12:15 by Mark Comments

Can you index the way people think? That’s the question that was sought to be answered over on the New Thinkers Index. 

So what is this New Thinkers Index you speak of? Here’s a short video above, including all you need to know.

It’s an interactive digital content experience across multi-screens and seven markets around the world, letting consumers discover how new thinkers of today are shaping the future.

This information is surfaced by taking a fun, online interactive test, which you can share and compare your results with family, friends and celebrities.

Editorial and video content spans across MSN, Xbox, Mobile, Windows Live Messenger, FacebookTwitter and Pinterest to provide a fully interactive, multi-screen experience powered by MSN and Hyundai.

Kevin Spacey for example took the test and here’s his thinking style. How do you compare? Try the test out for yourself here and see!

A whole host of premium content has been created with celebrities such as Hollywood actors Kevin Spacey, Joseph Fiennes and Toby Kebbell, Grime rapper Devlin, entrepreneur and record-breaker Richard Noble, and legendary England and Arsenal footballer Ian Wright.

Here’s just a couple of the videos that I’ve enjoyed. Which do you like the most?

Each video highlights a celebrity being encouraged to think differently in a challenging situation, leading to entertaining and surprising outcomes. They have been deconstructing the way they would traditionally approach things in order to succeed in the challenges that have been set and afterwards taking the test to find out what type of thinking type they are. Some with surprising results! The different types of thinkers are: Word-smart, Number-smart, Visual, People-smart, Self-aware, Musical, Body-smart or Natural.

By giving people the opportunity to compare the way they think to celebrities via a fun, interactive online test, the idea is to build a directory that indexes how people think today, much like Bing and Google indexes the web, wouldn’t it be great to index how people think?

Jonathan Oliver, senior digital strategist at Microsoft Advertising said: “We are delighted that the richness of Hyundai Motor’s new brand position has allowed us the freedom to develop such ground breaking work in the digital space, with a company that is daring, innovative and willing to try something new. The campaign utilises Microsoft’s media portfolio to bring the New Thinker’s Index to its community through a huge range of media and devices. The more people who join the community, the richer it will become, continually deepening as it expands through users’ social network recommendations.”

To watch the rest of the videos and take the test for yourself head over to The New Thinkers Index, join the community interacting on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I’ve been working on the project and thought it was interesting enough to share with you guys!

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