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Video of the Day: Ford vs Cane Toad

May 2, 2012 at 11:56 by Tim Comments

In case you didn’t know, Cane Toads are a pest in Australia. They poison pets and injure humans and you won’t find many sensible Australians who have any sympathy for these creatures. Ford took that as a starting point for a new commercial for the their Falcon model.

As one commenter said “Entertaining but I know more now about frog secretion then I do about the new falcon.” I disagree as that film made me pay attention to a model I would normally not consider to be at the forefront of modern car making. Judging from the current Google hits, the video has been seeded to car sites and humour forums first before hiting the usual advertising and marketing blogs.

If you felt this spot was a bit harsh on the animals, here is a bit more on the species and their impact on Australian wildlife.

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Addition: one of our readers suggested this clip was heavily inspired by an ad featuring New Zealand’s own pest, possums. You make up your own mind by checking this video.

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