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Branding through behaviour

May 25, 2012 at 11:14 by Bridget Comments

R/GA london is dead proud of the their latest project for Getty Images and so they should be.  What I like most is that the idea is about changing brand behaviour (and even the product itself) instead of just creating an extra layer of campaign messaging that tries to convince people the brand has changed with the times.

To show that getty is not ‘old media & old fashioned’ they decided to create value for getty users by reinventing one of the most unpopular things about the brand, the watermark.  They decided to make it useful.

The old watermark used the getty logo as a barrier.  It was defensive and prohibitive.

The new watermark is still a logo, but now it’s useful and it’s a behaviour.  As well as containing a unique url for each image (a fast track to purchase) it also gives a shout out to the photographer.

And the new behaviour feels very at home in the physical getty gallery space.

via creative social

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