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Huggies hijacks olympics with Baby Championships

August 21, 2012 at 12:21 by Bridget Comments

Huggies Korea takes on Pampers (official olympic sponsors) with this YouTube/UGC campaign “Baby Championships“.  Babies and cats have always been top of the charts for UGC.  It’s interesting to see a brand transform what is pretty bland UGC content into something that’s shareable.  The Baby Championships builds on the Baby Translator platform which ran last Christmas with a similar concept (think santa helpers instead of sports commentators) and another campaign ran in Israel around the Euro 2012 - “Go Pro” (Agency Mccann Digital Israel).

There has been a big push on dynamic and real time advertising (old spiceskittles rainbow updater) and now Huggies tackles UGC.  Mums can send in their baby video and in return they get back a pretty slick ‘official baby championship’ video.  It’s the (olympic) commentary that makes it more interesting to a broader audience and shareworthy.

Turn on the comments in the video below to see the english subtitles.

I’m sure Korean Mums will love it.  Currently, the video views are not high for the Youtube channel but I guess time will tell.

Here’s the Pamper’s ad than ran in the UK.

Agency: Postvisual, Seoul


Here’s the Huggies Go Pro case study

Agency: Mccann Digital Israel


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