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Nike’s Boca Juniors Seismograph

October 18, 2012 at 7:00 by Martina Comments

Passion for sport and, in particular, for your favorite team, is something that you feel inside. It’s an emotion that people reveals through choirs, sounds, noise, applauds, jumps, all movements that generate vibrations, vibrations so powerful that one could compare them to earthquakes. Do you think this is a crazy comparison? Well, my friends at Nike Argentina came up with an idea that could make you change your mind. When Boca Junior scores, its supporters generate vibrations like a 6.2 earthquake on a Richter scale.

To prove the comparison, they installed four seismographers at the San Juan Stadium, home of the 2012 Copa Argentina Final, and the data collected, seem to prove the case unequivocally.

I can’t decide whether this project is brilliant or creepy scary (because of what it reveals). For sure I like it because it’s not just a celebration of the victory of the Club, but it’s also a pretty amazing way to pay tribute to the supporters who put so much energy and passion in following Boca Juniors home and away. On the flip side, I don’t know if I would ever dare going to the stadium to support Boca…

BTW have a look at the case study video. It’s very well put together and delivers pretty well the emotions and the “vibrations” of the Boca supporters.

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