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Driving the SuperBowl

January 31, 2013 at 3:55 by Martina Comments

We are a few days away from the Super Bowl and, as usual, the energy and the curiosity are building around the commercials that will be broadcasted during the final. Let us do our due diligence then, covering some videos that are trying to score the winning touchdown, for example, in the automotive industry. So here you’ll see the ads by Mercedes, Toyota, Audi, Volskwagen and Kia listed in order of (personal) preference. I would love to know how would you list the!

The Mercedes TVC by Merkley + Partners is the winner for me. I always fall for beautifully produced and somehow epic films, I’ll be honest, if it wasn’t for Willem Dafoe’s devilish cameo, I don’t know if I would remember it a week from now.

Second place for the Toyota spot with Kaley Cuoco created by Saatchi & Saatchi LA. I like the sense of humor, but it’s confusing from a branding point of view: the purple reminds me a lot of Yahoo! and Kaley Cuoco has recently also started appearing as co-star in the Priceline commercials where she goes in & out a car.

Third place for the Audi TVC by Venables, Bell and Partners. The creative idea is good even if not super original, but the execution is emotionally flat, they could have dared much more to truly leave a sign.

Fourth is the Kia Sorrento ad by David&Goliath. Yes, puppies and babies are cute, but what’s the connection with the car? Take the same creativity, place a different product, and nobody will notice the difference.

Last and maybe least, IMHO, Volkswagen’s spot by Deutsch, LA.

What’s your take? How would you list the three commercials in order of preference? Did I miss any TVC?

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