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Granny Call Centre is back again

February 7, 2013 at 8:18 by Bridget Comments

Today (February 7th)  is National Sweater Day in Canada and WWF & John St have brought back the Granny Call Centre. We wrote about last year’s edition.  What I like about this campaign is the use of digital & social media to drive engagement through a very low tech technology… a phone call with a Granny.

This national day was created in Canada to remind people that if all Canadians turned down the heat 2° it would reduce green house gas emission by 4 megatons. Even though most people would like to participate in Sweater day - many simply forgot about it when the actual day came. And that’s where the Grannies and the phone call comes in as a friendly reminder to put on a sweater and take part in the day. Who could say “No” to a Granny?

What’s interesting is that this “day” has a before, during and after.  Grannies were recruited leading up to the day (TV & radio) - and the recruitment obviously promoted the day itself.

Interestingly enough it’s a reverse take on the Great Schlep where young people were invited to convince their grand parents to vote for Obama.  I love seeing more and more behavioural economics at the heart of great campaigns.

It’s also interesting to see that we are seeing more and more programmes rather than one shot campaigns.


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