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Social is dead without content

March 7, 2013 at 10:00 by Bridget Comments

Oreo is one of the best examples of ‘social content’ I’ve seen recently.  It heralds a new approach to content creation that’s real time and reactive… but instead of a oneshot approach it’s in a programme format.

We’ve already written brands & open conversations here.  What’s interesting is that Oreo has developed a content programme over 100 days designed to tap into any memes or cultural trends that present themselves.  I love the great craft skills - it’s nice to see great art direction and copy. Take a look at the case study below for more.

And yes, they have a gangnam style cookie…

I think we will see more and more brands take this approach to “feeding the facebook newsfeed” over time rather than hoping for a one hit wonder in what we can call traditional brand content or simply put long format advertising.

In addition to feeding their 32 million fans on facebook - Oreo have aggregated all content at this destination website.

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