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Snickers You’re not You

April 25, 2013 at 8:00 by Tim Comments

I bet almost everyone can now complete the title with “…when you’re hungry”. Over the years Snickers has injected a lot of fun into their hunger-satisfying brand core. Celebs acting like irritable divas or prancing sissies made the line become part of our cultural vernacular - all around the world.

You can tell that an ad line “has made it” when it appears in internet memes. Especially when Kim Jong Un with all his sabre-rattling doesn’t seem to be his pop star self

If you want to test what your hungry face looks like, try the Snickers Hungry Me Generator. Tweak your expression and then share it with your friends. So they know when to tell you to have a Snickers. Below is mine, so beware when you see it!

In addition to the online experience, there is a mobile app version on iOS and Android.

Agency: BBDO Proximity

Update: Apologies for the wrong link to the generator and yes, Baris, that’s apparently what happens when I am hungry - I don’t check my own hyperlinks. ;)

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